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School Game - Version 0.937 Bugfix 2

School Game - Version 0.937 Bugfix 2

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School Game - Version 0.937 Bugfix 2
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Name: School Game
Fetishes: Male protagonist, Big tits, Creampie
Version: 0.937 Bugfix 2 - Download Android version 0.937 Bugfix 2 from for free!
Censorship: No
Last updated: 27 January 2023
Language: English, Russian
Size: 904 MB 7Z 

About game

School Game is a game with RPG elements. You create your character and evolve in a school environement. Learn skills, buy equipement, meet classmates, build your reputation and budget, be a member of the student council and various clubs, and improve your relationship with the head of the student council, which you may decide to replace. Isn't it what everyone wanted in high school, even in student years: complete freedom of action? 


New content:
— The storyline with Azumi, a realtor from a real estate agency, has been continued: new events have been added, leading to some new gaming privileges, as well as game content.
— Added a new job: now your character can be a bouncer in a local beach bar and get paid for it. This possibility opens up when passing the storyline with Azumi.
— Now you can take a drubbing assignment from the hooligans in an abandoned factory, during which your character will be able to get money, as well as a hooligan reputation.
— New events with Yuki Oota have been changed and redesigned to meet current standards: now you can play the character of your personage with the help of large choices. If before that you didn't like his character, prescribed at the very beginning, then now you can safely move away from him and play something else. At the moment, the structure of events with her is similar in events with Ayano Yoshida.
— A new parameter, mood, was added to the indicators of randomized NPCs. It changes from any activities and actions, if the mood is too low, the RNPCs will constantly sit at home, and if your character's relationship with him is too high, the consent to any actions will increase.
— Now the continuation of the quest with a secret fan is available not only when choosing in which your character is against the input of an independent newspaper, but also when choosing the opposite.
— Now your character can buy "Strange Bars" from a randomized NPC with X-Ray glasses. They increase your level by one unit, but they can be bought only once a week in limited quantities, as well as for a fairly large amount of in-game money.
— Now your character can defeat the leader of the hooligans in a fight at an abandoned factory: if he is not guarded, he can start it, and if there is a victory, it will be possible to finish the quest for the extermination of hooligans ahead of time.
— The scene that opens when you select "masturbate with me" has been finalized. Now it displays underwear, stockings, some features of appearance.
— Added new possible rules to the rules menu for randomized female NPCs - socks stockings, wear a choker and wear earrings. Each of them, at a relationship level above the best friend, will affect the appearance of the selected RNPCs in its own way.
— New settings have been added to the menu of point generation of randomized NPCs. With the help of them, you will have the opportunity to edit the main statistics of influence: sociability, criminality, romance, increasing the average value of these parameters in the RNPCs in the session.
— Two new buttons have been added to the randomized NPCs editor: export and import of the academy. They can be used immediately after the generation of randomized NPCs.
— Now, in the randomized NPCS editor, you will have the opportunity to choose the club in which the NPC will consist from the list of all available clubs in the game. Eight more pieces were added to the already existing two. In addition, the selection of all this has been slightly edited and changed.
— Сurrently the game, as before, at the start of a new session starts on Sunday at 08:00.
— The formula of the necessary experience to get a level has been completely redesigned: currently the experience needed to increase increases evenly, and the basis is not a general indicator multiplied by a certain coefficient, but a fixed value multiplied by a level and a coefficient, which will eliminate the problems in which billions of experience were required at level 25 to increase the level
— Currently, when spending five energy on any action, your personage is guaranteed to take off 1 unit of health of the body part "Head". Besides, currently a lot more actions reduce the health of your character's limbs at "Medium" and "High" difficulty levels, there are much more limitation placed on these values.
— Currently zeroing out absenteeism in the student council also adds to your personage's academic achievement.
— In the function, in the game settings category, a new feature has been added - the character is stuck. With it, if you are stuck somewhere in an infinite loop, you can get out of it with this opportunity.
— Redesigned the chances of some common game events, their selections.
— Added more verification functions to the RNPCS editor: there will be much fewer generation errors associated with this moment of the game.
— The hacking/programming mechanics have been improved generally: some chances of execution, gaining experience for successful execution, as well as privileges received in some places have been adjusted.
— Added a lot of new group activities for RNPCs with their own events, developments and elections. Each of them influence your relationship with them, their influence statistics and future activity.
— A lot more information with hints on what needs to be done has been added to the diary, to the page with hints on the available plot missions. Hints are now much bigger, more informative and clearer.
— A new stadium has been added to the academy's locations. RNPS walk on it, they are active. Besides, this stadium also replaces the background of physical education lessons at the academy.
— A new perk has been added to the perks per level menu - Quick restoration. With it, your character will be able to do twice as much physical activity with fewer limitations.
— A new perk has been added to the perks menu perk level - completed homework. With the help of it, your character will be able to do homework with cent percent probability.
— New mini-events have been added to sex scenes with RNPCs, some changes have been made to them and the overall appearance of the existing 18+ scenes has been perfected. Besides , the existing ones have been rebalanced: corrected the chance of premature ejaculation, the chances of some other mini events falling out in the scene.
— Extra files were removed from the game directory, and also, generally, the existing files needed for the game are slightly better organized.
— Currently each RNPC has an orientation that can be viewed in the information box. It becomes accessible for viewing when your relationship with the selected RNPCs exceeds 25 points.
— A new location has been added to the world map - a hospital. Two new backgrounds were drawn especially for her, and new functions were also made: RNPCs walk around this location, they are active with each other, and also in it your character has the opportunity to cheaply cure injury limbs in return for a long time of their treatment.
— A new item has been added to the online store on the player's PC - a huge first aid kit. Using it, you can cure all limbs up to cent percent.
— The pattern of behavior of RNPCs has been edited: their choice of location is now more based on individual qualities, they use information about what they did before when choosing locations, as well as other information to make their behavior more foreseeable and understandable.
— Added new mechanics for the game: now, to find out how many relationships a gift gives, whether the RNPS will like it, your character must have an intelligence attribute higher than that of the RNPS to whom he gives a gift.
— When buying amulets, they now display the status [HAVE] in the interface.
— The appearance of the original gaming settings page has been tweaked and modified to fit one view: some flaws and irregularities, empty spaces and other problems have been fixed.
— Corrected relationship indicators outstanding after giving a gift to RNPCs.
— Currently RNPCs also generate music favor, which are indicated in the information field.
— Currently you can buy only one amulet/item in the "Temple" location using the "Buy amulets" interaction.
— A new perk level has been added to the game - an AI developer. With it, you will be able to see the percentage of success for a definite interaction with RNPCs.
— A new perk level has been added to the game - experienced. With it, you will be able to see how many relationship points a particular gift will give.
— Now the use of sleeping pills will decrease the health of your character's head by 30 units at a high level of difficulty.
— Reduced consumption of limb health for each interaction. Besides, now a sleep lasting less than an hour will not restore the health of the limbs at all, and the recovery itself will depend on how long your character has rested.
— Modified some 18+ scenes, scenes of an erotic nature, as well as regular scenes with RNPCs: the system that distributes layers has been improved, the chances that determine the success of any actions have been redesigned, and some other errors/flaws related to this part of the game have been fixed.
— Added new 18+ events, as well as activities related to RNPCs. They fall out at a high level of common in them.
— Improved generation of RNPCs: more interconnected conditions were added, which is why RNPCs are generated with fewer wer errors and inconsistencies.
— The pattern of behavior of RNPCs has been improved: the locations visited by them, the method of activity selection have been edited, the activities themselves now have more influence on the RNPS and the statistics of their influence.
— Improved AI in a fight: now RNPCs are guided much better in fights, the action analyzer has been improved and some formulas for calculating damage from a critical attack, knockdown and some other parameters have been changed.
— Some points affecting difficulty levels have been revised and adjusted: damage to limbs, removal of energy and satiation indicators, as well as some other points have been edited. Besides, the system with relationship stages has been improved - now it works more appropriately, and also takes into account what you did with RNPCs before, using an analyzer.
— Currently, if your character does something aggressive towards the defeated in a fight, others may try to protect this defeated. Besides, the relationship with the characters in the location can noticeably decrease if they see all this.
— Added new possible answers to choose from in the player's training at the very beginning of the gaming session.
- The module responsible for the distribution of activity between RNPCs has been edited - now hooligans are much more active in locations, they use more possible activities and generally behave as they should.
— Added a new perk to the perks menu for levels - еternal fugitive. With it, your character will be able to escape from fights that have already begun with а better odds.
— Added a new mode to the point generation menu before the start of the gaming session - a lot of hooligans.
— Added a new mode to the point generation menu before the start of the gaming session - more scored personages.
— Added a new mode to the point generation menu before the start of the gaming session - more fights.
— Now the stamina attribute indicator declining the damage received by the limbs.
— The system of relationship stages has been improved: now it is a little more logical, there are more triggers to replace the stages themselves, and these stages themselves have begun to mean much more, giving certain privileges to achieve them.
— The system responsible for the issuance of relationship/attachment/fear points, as well as responsible for the success of various kinds of interactions, has been slightly rebalanced. The system has been balanced for the current game conditions: in some places it is complicated, in some it is reductive.
— The system of collecting sprites on the screen has been somewhat simplified, which is why downloading some moments on weak devices has become a little faster, and the problem with memory leakage has become less topical.

Fixed bugs:
— Fixed a bug where an exception occurred while using the online shopping menu on the player's computer.
— Fixed a shortcoming in which a visit to the location "Lane" was reckon a visit to the location "Roof" when performing the achievement "Fernand Magellan".
— Fixed a bug due to which events with Suzuki Matsui could not start after the start of the shift at 12:00.
— Fixed a bug that could cause an exclusion during product selection in the grocery store shopping menu.
— Fixed a flaw in which during push-ups, damage was done to the left leg instead of the left arm.
— Fixed a flaw where the hooligan leader could be too feeble in attribute values.
— Fixed a flaw in which the event where your character is condemned by Meiko Tsukasa for fighting was repeated a huge number of times ad infinitum.
— Fixed a flaw due to which a quest in which you had to go on a date with Meiko Tsukasa 4 times could be completed in one day. Now everything works as it should - 1 date a week.
— Fixed a flaw in which a large first aid kit did not appear in the inventory after purchase, and also when using it, it was not spent at all.
— Fixed a flaw in which the colors of bras were mixed up in the 18+ scene with RNPCs.
— Fixed a flaw due to which the number of active RNPCs in the session was shown in fractional, not integer values.
— Fixed a bug that caused an exclusion to be thrown when searching for characters using the "Find a Character" function.
— Fixed a bug that caused money not to be spent when using the "Donate money" function in the corridor of the educational institution.
— Fixed a flaw in which some elections in events with RNPCs required too high a level of attribute leveling.
— Fixed a bug that could cause an exception during the passage of the initial event with Ayano Yoshida during and when taking some elections in the event.
— Fixed a bug that made it impossible to import/export the academy due to an exception occurring after using the function.
— Fixed a flaw that caused lines with the name of character traits to be moved to the next line in the biography menu for RNPCs.
— Fixed a flaw due to which information about smoking a RNPC was available in the information field only when your character with RNPCs had less than 25 relationship points.
— Fixed a bug where some phrases and text were not displayed in English during the game session.
— Fixed a bug that caused the background of the "Hotel" and "Hospital" locations to be mixed up on the map.
— Fixed a bug that caused an exclusion to be thrown during a conversation with a quest giver issuing a quest to beat bullies.
— Fixed a bug that caused an exclusion in new story quests with Meiko Tsukasa.
— Fixed a bug that caused an exclusion to be thrown when insertion the quantity of purchased goods in the grocery store.
— Fixed a flaw due to which the quantity of goods received in the grocery store could be shown as a negative value.
— Fixed a bug where an exclusion could occur when entering a location when selecting some perks for levels in the early stages of the game and under certain conditions.
— Fixed a bug where there could be a notification about increasing the game level several times in a row while doing homework in the city library/school library and at home.
— Fixed a bug where clicking on the "Hotel" location moved the player to the "Hospital" location.
— Fixed a bug that could cause an exclusion during the playback of some scenes in activities with RNPCs.
— Fixed a bug that could cause an exclusion if you start a fight with a RNPC during the start of the gaming session.
— Fixed a bug that could cause an exclusion when opening the save/load menu.
— Fixed a bug due to which the purchase of lucky amulets, a strange amulet and a relationship amulet did not give the character the necessary capability and improvements described in the information field.
— Fixed a bug that caused an exclusion to fly out in some cases when clicking on the inventory button.
—Fixed a flaw due to which male RNPCs displayed some statistics intended for female RNPCs.
— Fixed a bug that caused an exclusion during the Azumi quest and when choosing "I know this guy...".
— Fixed a bug where an exclusion could come out after non - primary cooking.
— Fixed a flaw in which the indicator "Readiness for the festival" in the occult club management menu had too large fractional values.
— Fixed a flaw that caused the description of the attractiveness modifier to have a description of the battle experience in the diary.
— Fixed a flaw due to which the energy level did not affect the success of the homework done if it was done in the location of the city library. In addition, the chances of completing a task in the city library were increased.
— Fixed a flaw due to which the chance of completing homework was calculated incorrectly, which is why the more intelligence, the less chances there were of completing it.
— Fixed a flaw that could lead to an exclusion during sex with RNPCs on quests/events.
— Fixed a bug that could give the achievement "Are we really friends with you?" with 1000 relationship points, not affection.
— Fixed a bug that caused an exclusion to be thrown when entering the online store.
— Fixed a bug that could incorrectly calculate the total number of attributes of your character, as well as incorrectly calculate the total number of points needed to increase the attribute itself.
— Fixed a bug that could cause an exclusion after some time in the game session and when completing some quests with Yuki Oota.
— Fixed a bug that caused an exclusion to occur under certain conditions during fights with RNPCs.
— Fixed a bug related to the incorrect distribution of RNPCs by locations, activities and some other things.
— Fixed a flaw due to which some statistics during fights could be incorrectly and miscalculated.
— Fixed some bugs and flaws in the generation of RNPCs both in terms of generating appearance and character. Сurrently the oddities associated with this moment of the game will be much less.
— Fixed some errors that occur when entering the subscriber's patreon mail in the Patreon code input field: now the script works more stably, the mail itself is added to the database with the same frequency, and errors associated with this should be less.

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