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The Hunter 2 - Version 0.30

The Hunter 2 - Version 0.30

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The Hunter 2 - Version 0.30
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Name: The Hunter 2
Fetishes: Female protagonist, Adventure, Fantasy, Masturbation, Sex toys, Oral sex
Version: 0.30
Censorship: No
Last updated: 256 December 2023
Language: English
Size: 1,49 GB 7Z

About game

You're playing as Kaya, a girl living in a women-only village who'll get to learn how to become a "Hunter". Basically, she'll hunt male creatures for women requesting it. The goal is to find them, fight them with a sex-based combat system, train them and deliver them to the requester.


- Added all the missing door opening sfx in Homily building.
- Added all the missing door opening animation for Kaya in Homily building.
- Corrected the missing music in the cutscene after capturing the first zombie dog.
- Corrected the fact it was impossible to place a bed in the goblin kids' bedroom.
- Corrected the fact Sasha's quest wouldn't increment properly when sewing her outfit with Neves.
- Corrected the fact Kaya didn't move towards Elena when she met her in front of the brothel (for technical reasons). Now she'll properly move no matter the door the player comes out from.
- Corrected the fact that the masturbation skill would trigger both the heal and hurt SFX at the same time (now it only features the heal SFX).
- Corrected all the problems linked to Kaya and Halcyon animations in the brothel with male customers (as they were older than the other animations they weren't properly ordered in the animation chart, leading to problems during what should have been the cum animation.)
- Corrected the fact the goblin tokens were displaying the zombie dog ones.
- Corrected the fact that the 2nd GoR scene with the zombie dogs would still show even with the urophilia fetish turned off despite the scene containing urophilia.
- Corrected the fact the bed wouldn't display a "sex" icon for the dildo quest.
- Corrected the fact Kaya didn't show a face when clicking on the bed after the H scene.
- Corrected the fact there was no sex icon over the dog in the cemetary of Ambriosa for the first time Kaya met him.
- Corrected other occurences of wrong teleports due to map size change.
- Corrected the fact Zoey didn't have any icon over her head during the "The joys of DIY" quest.
- Corrected the fact that Kaya turned randomly instead of towards Monroe during their first conversation depending on where she's placed.
- Corrected the fact that the vibrator egg in Tambara's shop was picturing both a shining light and an icon (only the icon is left now.) Same thing for the suspicious pills in Ambriosa's poor district & the body oil in Biserka's house.
- Corrected the fact that the sign at the entrance of the Oblivion Forest still had the old icon interaction.
- Removed the "Test" skill that stayed there after v0.29's release.
- Corrected some mistakes/word problems in some quests of the game.
- Corrected several path bugs inside Neves' shop.
- Sped up the animation of Biserka's slut outfit presentation.
- Corrected the fact that an icon on the World Map would be displayed even if it was in an area not unlocked yet.
- Corrected the lack of Quest notification at the start of the "My First Home" quest.
- Corrected the fact you could go outside the map on the 2nd floor's staircase in the brothel.
- Corrected the fact Halcyon was still in her bedroom when she was supposed to be in the basement.
- Corrected the fact the Outfit Shop's window was cut if the list of ingredient was too big (notably for the teacher outfit.)
- Corrected the fact that if a quest had too many steps (like the Disease The End quest), the last steps wouldn't show. The font size has been reduced as a temporary solution.
- Corrected the fact that the quest/sex icons wouldn't work on Jo's Farm and Lost Town.
- Corrected a bug that made a part of the blocking shelf on the 5th floor of Homily Inc invisibile while still there during Elizabeth's Past.
- Corrected the fact that Elizabeth's dialogue wouldn't change in front of the vending maching whether she had coins or not.
- Corrected the fact you couldn't access the 6th floor with Kaya due to the stepladder not working.
- Removed the coins from the inventory after Elizabeth's Past.
- Corrected the fact that the path blocked by the big furniture on the 5th floor wouldn't work with Kaya in Homily Inc.
- Corrected the fact the map would show up during night conversations in Kaya's Appartment.
- Corrected the fact Jimmy wasn't around during Catherine's quickie and would pop up at the end of the scene.
- Corrected the BGM problem at the end of the Jo/Horse scene (H BGM would still run instead of the normal music.)
- Corrected the fact the map would show up during all scenes between Sasha & the Horse.
- Corrected the fact that Jo could appear twice in her farm.
- Corrected the fact Catherine quickie could be seen over and over again.
- Corrected the fact Homily's Building would unlock right after Elizabeth's past, making it possible to capture goblins BEFORE their room has been cleaned.
- Corrected the fact that assigning a girl or a creature to a slot in the brothel then unassigning them would still show the animation during the night.

Art Additions:
- 9 new images has been added to the game.
- 56 new H pics have been added to the game.
- 9 new H scenes have been added to the game.
- 1 new H pixel scene has been added to the game.
- 1 new pixel animation has been added to the game.
- 1 new quicky has been added to the game.
- 3 faces have been added to the game (Jeanette's zombie.)
- 7 new faces/sprites have been added to the brothel (all the female customers for the creature side.)
- 31 Thumbnails have been added to the pixel gallery.
- 7 Town labels have been added for the World Map.
- 1 new outfit for Kaya has been added to the game.
- 1 new BGM and one new SFX have been added to the game.
- 1 New Title Screen has been added to the game.
- 10 new icons have been added to the game.
- 43 new tutorial pics have been added to the game.

Art Update:
- The Pixel Gallery has been updated to contain all the missing content. The 31 missing animations are now accessible.
- The text box and name box have been tweaked to fit the new menu design. They use the same background (more regular). The name box is now aligned to the left or right border of the text box and there are no more problems of overlapping transparency during H scenes.
- Jeanette's zombie now has a face during conversations.
- Corrected the fact that the control mapping picture was still the old one and not the new one supposed to have been updated in v0.27
- Changed the music during GoR rape phase two (Kaya willing). It's now the same one as Elizabeth's submissive them.
- There is now a proper dual icon when there are both a sex icon and a quest icon over a place on the world map.
- The cum/pee vials have been tweaked to be better looking. As such, all the vials have been remade.
- Fixed Kaya's name in the main menu (shadow effect and letter spacing.)
- Corrected the pixel animation at the end of Elizabeth's past. It was displaying the present Elizabeth model instead of the past one.
- The tokens look has been updated.
- The scene between Kaya and the infected in the toilets in Lost Town was missing a picture at the very end. The scene has been extended with a dozen of new lines to accompany this new picture.
- Changed the position of the Frog's Lair map so that Kaya doesn't get hidden by the message box.
- The Brothel Mini-game now has its own music (coupled with a little ME for the result page.)
- The "Cleaning Step" pannel has been updated (it's now a PNG for something a bit better visually.)

Gameplay Additions:
- The whole barista minigame has been implemented. Once per day, Kaya can take Betty's place to serve special cocktails to customers. Mix different ingredients and try to find out the exact flavour desired. Finding all 6 flavours at once will lead to a small conversation with the customer as well as a face reveal that will also be shown in the brothel. It will increase with the brothel rank in the future but for now, you can serve two customers per day.
- The last part of the brothel has been added as well. It's the "collection" part. To unlock it, you need to have both the Barista mini-game and the toilets unlocked. You can use it to collect liquids from either creatures or females during the night. Females will take their usual wage for spending time there. One session will give 1 unit of each possible liquid: cum and pee for creatures, squirt & sweat for females (and cum for Paige).
- The quest to pay back Zoey has been implemented. It's really just for the future. There's no other outcome than being thanked for it.
- The save screen has been completely revamped. It now features several extra information like the time of save, the number of H scenes unlocked or quests done, the number of saves... It has also been improved visually with a 3D sprite of the character.
- The quest log now shows the previously done quests. This way it'll be easier to know wheter or not a quest has already been done when checking a new game or if you haven't played for a long time.
- The "Character" entry of the menu has been removed. Due to technical issues between what we wanted and what RPG Maker allowed, we decided to make it a separate file (as a PDF) you'll be able to read on the side. This allows us to build it exactly like we want.
- The "Load" entry of the menu has been added.
- Elizabeth's scenes can now be unlocked in the gallery (requires a new run.)
- Kenzie's quickies can now be unlocked in the gallery as well (doesn't require a new run.)
- There's now a message and a little jingle when you unlock a new place to visit (jingle used to be the rank up one but since it's now gone, it's be reattributed)
- A new item has been implemented in the game: The Book of Furniture 1. It will unlock roughly 30 new items to decorate the brothel rooms.
- As a result, 30 new items have been implemented to decorate the brothel.
- It is now possible to gather infected cum and urine when triggering pixel animation scene in Lost Town. The probability is 66% cum for 33% urine (except for ass rape where the scenes lead to cum, cum, urine, cum and then since 3 and 4 alternate, you'll have cum and urine looping.)

Gameplay Modifications:
- The global rank mechanic has been removed. The sexual stats are now the only thing locking scenes.
- Biserka's last quicky isn't repeatable in chain and as such, won't picture a heart anymore if it has already been seen.
- The conversation between Halcyon and Kaya about Frank's past can be triggered in the storage room if done this late. All conversations have been tweaked depending on the situation (if Kaya and Halcyon already went out to do sports and/or if Betty's at the reception instead of Halcyon)
- There's now a proper motorcycle engine sound when Kaya rides her bike during her conversation with Akane.
- Corrected the fact no quest bubble would appear over Paige's head (when there should have been one) as long as you hadn't talked to her yet to see her presentation.
- For the dildo quest, there are now two paths. If you click on the bed AFTER Kaya's pussy reaches level 3 (meaning after she has sex with Vincent), she'll just refrain from triggering the scene, making it unobtainable (for coherence purpose between the content of the scene and Kaya's evolution outside.) The quest will be marked as done, though.
- The main menu disposition has been tweaked. The rank level has been removed together with the mechanic, leaving only Kaya's level. The bars have been rappoached and the Horniness bar is now aligned with the "quit" button for a better symetry.
- Clicking on the door to see Tamabara's Dog now doens't work anymore until you've talked at least once to Tambara (so everything is more coherent)
- For coherence purpose between different factors, meeting Tamabara's dog doesn't require any pre-requisite before (other than having talked to Tambara at least once.)
- All the quests in the quest logs have been updated with the following color code for a quicker view on key elements: Places = Blue, Items = Green, Characters = Yellow
- There's now a very small situation cutscene when starting to train in the homeless camp.
- Tweaked the pixel gallery: since most animations have only one clothing style (either clothed or naked) both choices will show the animation even if it's not corresponding. It's less coherent but much smoother.
- Changed the difficulty of "My First Home" quest to Normal.
- The Masturbation skill has a different calculation value. It now takes 10% of wilderness and only gives bakc Kaya's ability value in Stamina (instead of 1,5 times)
- Tweaked two things about the "Heat" status ailment. Changed the number of turns it can last (from 3-8 to 2-6), and no longer deactivate the Solo skills.
- Removed the text part about Kaya's appartment being customizable.
- Reordered the gallery thumbnail in the "Wilderness" part for a more chronological order.

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