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Ashford Academy Redux - Version 0.4.0

Ashford Academy Redux - Version 0.4.0

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Ashford Academy Redux - Version 0.4.0
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Name: Ashford Academy Redux
Fetishes: Anal sex, BDSM, Corruption, Female protagonist, Group sex, Lesbian, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Oral sex, Vaginal sex
Version: 0.4.0
Censorship: No
Last updated: 2 January 2021
Language: English
Size: 188 MB 7Z

About game

This is a completely rewritten version of Ashford Academy. Ashford Academy is a game where you take the role of the newly appointed principal (male). From this point it's up to you to decide what happens next.


0.4.0 - catch them all
- added event gallery / seen events to the game, showing all events/images/variants unlocked overall or in the current save game
- since you select the event collection by mod and by location, there is now a place where the game shows which (new-style) mods have been recognized (displayed even with no events yet unlocked)
- added name, description and variant metadata to all events
- events which are completely unlocked (all images and all variants) get a gold star in the gallery (upper right corner)
- when you load a save, the game ensures all events unlocked in the save are unlocked in the game wide gallery
- replaced the screen between events: the new one shows unlocks with gold and silver stars
- game object changes show on the event summary screen (outlook change, new unlocks, new policies, ...)
- if the preference "More Numbers" is enabled, stat changes are shown on event summary screen
- When in rollback, you can't change your choices anymore. Done so unlocked event variants are in sync with what you have actually seen
- the lust stat now stays hidden until the surveillance has been build, no matter what "More Numbers" is set to
- added pictures for all policy options of human_anatomy_depiction, teacher_leeway and entrance_req_focus
- added pictures for all policy options which where still missing them (kindly donated by scorpionswamp)
- bad ends implemented: reputation<=0 (fired), behavior<2 (school burned down, 5% chance/day), staff_support<0 (fired)
- susan+marina event pictures are now unpixelated (thank you 08/15Wixxer!)
- added stat level descriptions for lust and reputation
- displayed names of policies adjusted: do not contain the policy name anymore
- selection screens now have a title above their choices
- "Stat Changes" now shows the policy name and choice instead of only the choice
- "Stat Changes" now shows the weekly reduction in temp stress
- "Stat Changes" now shows the effect from new students ("Entrance requirement focus")
- set config.developer = "auto", no need to change it for distribution anymore
- completely rewritten seduction logic used by Susan and Marina. They will now notice many more reasons they can get sexual with the principal
- merged events: class9 into class3; class42 into class18; class4,class17,class18,half of class19,class20,class25 into class3; pool35 into pool6; pool30 into pool22
- new events: class9 (spanking)
- expanded events: sensuality12 (dress up and role play), class18 (fell on ass)
- fixed event library19 so it can run with any dresscode up to sexy
- animal policy is now actually remembered (in school_grounds11), other cat themed events adjust to it
- pictures added to existing events (making events available for more dresscodes)
- doubled default event.img / img_e group_count to 2, and any custom group_counts set by events
allows for more granular likeliness of events, makes classic events (if any) less likely by half
- Reputation income now rises in steps as the description changes. Reputation income is not hard coded in the engine anymore.
new reputation income: <5: none, <15: lower (2/3 of current), <30: equal to current, >=30: higher, >=90: double of current
- surveillance income now rises in steps as the lust description changes.
new surveillance income: <5: none, <20: lower, <30: equal to current, >=30: higher, >=90: 2.5 times current
- cafeteria income per student reworked: instead of being flat, it now depends on morale and reputation (smooth scaling)
new cafeteria income: game start(12 reputation, 10 morale): half of current, endgame(100 reputation and morale): 4.5 times current
- conservative dresscode doesn't reduce morale at inhibition 100. Weekly morale drop now smoothly increases to 2 at inhibition 80
- pool now also lowers inhibition as weekly effect
- careful or resisting outlooks now avoid some of the changing room situations that cost reputation
- sensuality events now give higher deviance and inhibition changes
- bugfix: <stat>_o.contr_max_go returned wrong data. It only led to more generic text in a single event though :)
- bugfix: never show a stat change of 0.0
API Changes:
- imp_prefix now sets current_eventgroup and current_mod (needed for event collection) - Documentation adjusted
- stat.value_old renamed to stat.value_day, stat.change renamed to stat.change_day
- random_select: removed 'else' pool, added default
- renamed policy levels called "normal" to better distinguish them (e.g. in Budget screen):
--teaching_materials "normal" renamed to "used"
--staff_salary "normal" renamed to "average"
--human_anatomy_depiction "normal" renamed to "correct"
--class_size "normal" renamed to "middle"
--(the one policy choice still called "normal" is the dresscode)
- new function fucked_teacher() now used to track whether the principal had sex with a teacher
Debug Mode:
- shows dare points on main GUI
- events in "Seen Events" display internal event name, whether the event can occur (banned/True/False) and the value of the event variable

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