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Monster College - Version 0.6.4

Today, 18:42 Games / 3DCG
Monster College - Version 0.6.4 Monster College - Version 0.6.4
About game: Monster College is an adult visual novel based on multiple choices. The protagonist of this story discovers that he is a werewolf. Despite already attending a good university, he feels compelled to change it to enrol at Silverleaf University. In his new life, he will meet beautiful women, each with their own fascinating peculiarities: demons, vampires, zombies, werewolves, gorgons...​

Her Desire - Version 0.11

Yesterday, 22:00 Games / 3DCG
Her Desire - Version 0.11 Her Desire - Version 0.11
About game: Take on the role of a seemingly happily married woman who is a caretaker to her wards Chloe and Parker. Will she take control of her desires, or will her desires take control of her?

Bright Past - Version 0.98.6

Yesterday, 21:37 Games / 3DCG
Bright Past - Version 0.98.6 Bright Past - Version 0.98.6
About game: The game is based on the concept of an open-world sandbox with a main storyline. However, this time we are doing it on a completely different level! In the current version you can meet the main characters, learn about their background and game setting in general. As you can see in the screenshot, the game will take place in the modern world.

Diary of My Perversion - Version 0.3

19-09-2023, 17:50 Games / 3DCG
Diary of My Perversion - Version 0.3 Diary of My Perversion - Version 0.3
About game: Here we will tell the story of Luke (MC Name can be changed), who is a successful young man who lost interest in his sexuality and women at a very young age, until one night he found the one, the one who not only gave him back his libido, but also awakened something in him. On his way he will meet different girls, each with a different and interesting fetish. Join him to decide if it is of interest to him or not.

Glassix - Version 0.79.0

19-09-2023, 09:51 Games / 3DCG
Glassix - Version 0.79.0 Glassix - Version 0.79.0
About game: It's a trainer game as well where you play as a teenager who lives with his step-mom and sister/step-sister and just moved to a new town after your father passes away. One day on your way to school, you hear your father...

In No Need for Love - Version 0.4

18-09-2023, 15:51 Games / 3DCG
In No Need for Love - Version 0.4 In No Need for Love - Version 0.4
About game: In this game, you will play as a handsome guy with psychic powers, he can see ghosts and talk to them. In your spiritual journey to help humanity, you can meet and connect with so many people (and ghosts). On the road of love, you are a man who always wants to experience non-binding relationships.

Laura: Lustful Secrets - Chapter 2 - Version 0.1

18-09-2023, 15:19 Games / 3DCG
Laura: Lustful Secrets - Chapter 2 - Version 0.1 Laura: Lustful Secrets - Chapter 2 - Version 0.1
About game: This game is about a quiet suburban family who receive an unwanted visitor and his presence causes a sudden change in the family's behavior. The question is can a butterfly flapping its wings really cause a hurricane? Play as Laura a devoted wife and discover for yourself...​

Maidens of Power - Version 0.6.5

17-09-2023, 20:38 Games / 3DCG
Maidens of Power - Version 0.6.5 Maidens of Power - Version 0.6.5
About game: After a very close-call involving a truck and a girl, you find yourself thrust into the world of the maidens; girls who were blessed with incredible abilities, and a mysterious threat called the darkness.

Lisa Total Investigation - Part 1 - Version 0.91a

17-09-2023, 09:28 Games / 3DCG
Lisa Total Investigation - Part 1 - Version 0.91a Lisa Total Investigation - Part 1 - Version 0.91a
About game: Meet Paul and Lisa, his fiancée! They have big plans for the big day, but things are getting bad. First, a suspicious accident where one of their friends get killed then that officer from Scotland Yard recruiting Paul as an undercover agent...

BallPsy - Version 0.1

17-09-2023, 09:17 Games / 3DCG
BallPsy - Version 0.1 BallPsy - Version 0.1
About game: After a tragic accident, a young man leaves basketball behind for good. But as you enter Silver Valley University, you find yourselves drawn back into the game, guided by an old friend. Your choices shape the young man's journey, merging basketball, psychology, and personal growth.

Downfall: A Story Of Corruption - Version 0.12.0

15-09-2023, 19:03 Games / 3DCG
Downfall: A Story Of Corruption - Version 0.12.0 Downfall: A Story Of Corruption - Version 0.12.0
About game: A girl who just lost her job and unsure about her life. Now its up to you how you want to shape her destiny. Based on your choice, she can become one of the upstanding citizen of the society or she can sink at the bottom.

Love's Champion - Version 1.2.0

15-09-2023, 13:11 Games / 3DCG
Love's Champion - Version 1.2.0 Love's Champion - Version 1.2.0
About game: A new city, new money and new powers from the Goddess of Love. Wait what? Chosen as the champion of the Goddess of Love, set out on a journey of rekindling old flames, meeting new girls and touching the lives of everyone around you. Love's Champion is a game where your choices affect everything, from how much your girls love you, to how much they want to jump your bones.