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Shattered Minds - Version 0.02

Yesterday, 14:47 Games / 3DCG
Shattered Minds - Version 0.02 Shattered Minds - Version 0.02
About game: Shattered Minds is an open-world game, in which you take control over the life of a college student. Your normal life is thrown out of whack after you realize you have the power to control the minds of others.

Lust and Power - Version 0.52 Regular

27-03-2023, 22:19 Games / 3DCG
Lust and Power - Version 0.52 Regular Lust and Power - Version 0.52 Regular
About game: In this game you play as a young man, whose family inherited a mansion from a distant relative. There you are going to reveal some mysteries and to gain some dark powers. You will have to face demon attacks, to meet some strange persons, to protect your family (mom and sister), and to use their gratefulness to gain control over them and to make them your sex slaves.

Old Man's Inn - Version 1.2.0

27-03-2023, 13:35 Games / 3DCG
Old Man's Inn - Version 1.2.0 Old Man's Inn - Version 1.2.0
About game: In Old Man's Inn, you play as an old man, duh, living his dream: owning his very own inn. Use it to lure in young and beautiful girls and then find a way to lie, cheat, and steal your way into the girls' pants.​

The Island - Version

24-03-2023, 20:52 Games / 3DCG
The Island - Version The Island - Version
About game: The Island is an adult 2D "Old School" RPG-inspired game with a survival, crafting, investigation and stealth mechanism, including many CG cutscenes and multiple ending scenarios.

Masters of Raana - Version 0.8.14

24-03-2023, 13:57 Games / 3DCG
Masters of Raana - Version 0.8.14 Masters of Raana - Version 0.8.14
About game: The city of Ikaanos is an abandoned colony on the densely forested planet of Raana. After a sudden separation from Earth, Ikaanos became a cauldron of despair and violence that forced almost half of its human population into slavery. Today, two brutal centuries later, feudal-like kingdoms fight among themselves over power and influence, when they're not busy dealing with the planet's dangerous megafauna.

Monkey Business - Version 0.7

24-03-2023, 08:52 Games / 3DCG
Monkey Business - Version 0.7 Monkey Business - Version 0.7
About game: While a young man is looking for ways to earn money, he meets new interesting people and comprehends unknown forms of relationships at home.

Intwo - Version 4.0.1f

23-03-2023, 11:56 Games / 3DCG
Intwo - Version 4.0.1f Intwo - Version 4.0.1f
About game: Intwo is a story about Vanesa and Vareti on their way to discover the truths in their past in order to change their dark future. Vanesa is a second-year college student and study in the school X. She moves to school Y after her old school getting burn. The reason behind the fire are still left unknown. Vareti is…

Infinity Realm - Version 0.4.7

23-03-2023, 11:02 Games / 3DCG
Infinity Realm - Version 0.4.7 Infinity Realm - Version 0.4.7
About game: On a dare you and your friends explore an old abandoned building, only to find yourself spirited away to the Infinity realm. To escape you must Defeat the Guardians and make your way through worlds of Fantasy, Sci-fi, and horror.

Dawn of Malice - Version 0.12a

22-03-2023, 22:29 Games / 2DCG
Dawn of Malice - Version 0.12a Dawn of Malice - Version 0.12a
About game: Your father moved to another country, so you decide to move back to the city where you were born. There, you will discover friendship, love and lots of sex. Dawn of Malice has a unique feature, you can choose your moral alignment at the beginning, and this will allow you to have some UNIQUE options during your gaming.

Human Dairy Farm - Version 0.3

21-03-2023, 22:49 Games / 3DCG
Human Dairy Farm - Version 0.3 Human Dairy Farm - Version 0.3
About game: Having never weaned off his mother, our protagonist developed an affinity for breast milk well into his adulthood. Raised on a dairy farm by his mother alone, his love for his mother grew beyond that of a normal mother and son. But when she rejected his advance, an inner demon awakened in him. He began to question the morality of the human society.

Duality - Version 0.1.8 Beta

21-03-2023, 17:55 Games / 3DCG
Duality - Version 0.1.8 Beta Duality - Version 0.1.8 Beta
About game: In Duality, you take the role of a boy freshly expelled from high-school. After moving to another city you'll get the chance to meet all sorts of girls. Interact with them freely throughout the day, and watch your relationship evolve according to your actions.

Luna's fall from grace - Chapter 2 - Version 0.32

21-03-2023, 09:13 Games / 3DCG
Luna's fall from grace - Chapter 2 - Version 0.32 Luna's fall from grace - Chapter 2 - Version 0.32
About game: The visual novel is set in a dystopian alternate reality in which most nations are ruled by unelected bureaucrats while the government’s political power is extremely limited. In particular, the game takes place in Santa Rita, a city suffocated by corruption and ruled by the mob. You play as Luna, a young woman with a murky past whose life is turned upside down when her father dies and she discovers her old man was engaged in some very shady business.