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No Such Luck - Version 0.3

No Such Luck - Version 0.3

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No Such Luck - Version 0.3
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Name: No Such Luck
Fetishes: Male protagonist, Animated, Oral sex, Vaginal sex
Version: 0.3
Censorship: No
Last updated: 10 May 2024
Language: English
Size: 2,44 GB 7Z 

About game

As a young man, he left home immediately after high school, and has spent the last two years alone, in seclusion recovering (From what? You'll find out in the Prologue!), and is finally ready to re-enter the world, ready to join his friends in college. Will it be drugs, sex and rock'n'roll? Or did he never truly get over what happened?


2511 New renders for Chapter 3, a handful of animations, and 41 amount of new music tracks!
CH1 Also received 129 new renders, as well as 178 reworked ones. (In addition almost every image from the Prologue, CH1, and CH2 were visually touched up, but only 178 were redone The end result is many will look similar, only a small handful will be noticeably different). This coincides with a few changes to CH1
Cafeteria freeroam removed. This is now a linear event. First meeting with Mia in Hallway re-written. 2nd scene with Jasmine in the hallway was removed. 2 New scenes in CH1 - One in the library, and one by the track. A number of CH1 scenes received small rewrites as well. Note for hidden images (Only for those with minigames disabled) - Since the cafeteria FR was removed, all "hidden images" from there have been moved to CH3 scenes.
Bios section reworked. It now keeps a history of all previous entries. New entries are moved to the top, previous entries are shifted down below.
Fixed a number of bugs. (Thanks to all who reported them!)
Added a new "Leaderboard" app to the phone, accessible in chapter 3. Check it at any time to see the top 10 and the scores! Note - starting with CH4 both the scavenger list and leaderboard apps will disappear as the hunt will be over at that point!
Some minor visual UI updates. A much larger more comprehensive UI overhaul is planned for a future release - only minor changes for now.
Slight update to how text messaging works. During freeroams and optional texts, nothing will change. Text messages that are a direct part of the storyline however will appear automatically. Similar to dialogue - simply clicking or enter will progress the text dialogue. Please note - optional text messages that are required to progress on certain paths will remain optional and will not appear automatically - only those that are required to progress the story will. This change is not retroactive - there are a couple of texts in CH1/2 that require checking your msgs to progress. (Most notably - Henry at the end of CH2)

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