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Venture Seas - Royal Summons

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Venture Seas - Royal Summons
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Name: Venture Seas
Fetishes: Male protagonist, Animated, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Futa, Gay, Lesbian, Oral sex, Vaginal sex 
Version: Royal Summons
Censorship: No
Last updated: 13 May 2020
Language: English
Size: 492 MB 7Z

About game

Venture Seas is an erotic adventure game with a player driven story, unique gameplay systems and plenty of adult content. The story will be largely driven by player decisions, with each story and conversation scene presented as a dynamic Visual Novel.

Launch.exe (or start.bat) file to start the game is in Venture Seas - Royal Summons\bin


Added 'Royal Summons' Questline
An extensive quest, which can be triggered by visiting Miraunda during daytime
2 new repeatable animated CGS featuring oral sex, bdsm and sounding
3 new music tracks
Several new environment artworks, including the Miraunda Royal Palace
Added 'Sentry' clothing set. Masculine palace guard outfit
Sentry Helm, Mantle, Armguards, Tasset and Sandals
Added 'Silken' clothing set. Elegant feminine Watu outfit.
Silken Top, Trousers, Dress, Bracelet, Anklelet and Thong
Added Watu themed accessories
Elegant Headpiece
Elegant Earring
New 'Eyeliner' part, for feminine faces
Natural Style
Watu Elegant
Watu Chic
New Hairstyles
Watu Bob
Watu Long
4 new items (treasures)
Phallic Oscillator
Beaded Sound
Riding Crop
Chastity Cage

New Bug Fixes (+ beta branch fixes applied)
Changed how NPC eyes are layered
Added [bot_base] layer to avoid some top clothing clipping with bottom clothing
Fixed loading issues with quest active stages
Attempted fix for quest related progression bugs (when starting new game)
Added crash prevention when incorrectly formatted scene script is detected

Completely reworked crew and whore levelling system
Reworked how crewmembers are referenced in code throughout game
Levels now based on total experience rather than level number
Improved checks to inform the player for when a character levels up
Older saves will validate to new system (may lose some exp points however)

Fixed crash when attempting to buy items from any shop
Fixed issue when selling item when no item is selected
Shop Inventory of active town is now tracked in save file
Active Inventory tab is now retained after closing inventory (in appropriate cases)
You are no longer charged for healthcare when sailing to a dungeon
Crew are now fully healed when returning to town after first expedition
If character has full HP when equipping armor, the bar will update to the new max HP
Is only intended to work when outside of a dungeon expedition
Reworked map location button code
Added location name to map buttons on mouse hover

Fixed incorrect display of expenses of ship travel
Income is now gained upon docking, rather than undocking in town
Added more information to ship expenses panel

Frame Rate now matches screen refresh rate (no longer capped at 60fps)
Fixed 'fuzzy font' issues

Added 'Zone Goal Tracker' during dungeon to see goal progress
Loot gained via combat no longer duplicated when exiting dungeon
Fixed crash during dark maze event in ruined alcazar dungeon
Novehk forest treasure box event now removes item after usage
Novehk Pretzel Gift event now removes pretzel when appropriate
Removed 'Lilac Hairdye' from Glory Seeker loot array
Summoned Creatures (from rune usage) now scale in level with crew leader level
Several code changes to manage combat summons
Reworked 'Defended' notification layout during combat
Disabled 'rune info box' on icon hover when player turn is not active
Changed combat animations to slower by default, easier to follow
Added 'combat animation speed' slider to settings menu
Disabled 'pop in' animation on rune info box
Changed zone goal of Alcazar zone 14

Fixed crash when revisiting pathika for milking
Fixed Tiana breast bounce when wearing bikini outfit
Added scrollpane to whore duties panel (some duties were inaccessible)
Removed mention of 'pussy' from Kharish futa alley whores scene
Fixed Nyaura brothel visit passing 1 hour of time, when no-one is there

Adam (starter crewman) now generates as 'Southern' race tag, rather than 'Western'
Fixed incorrect descriptions on 'expedition support' policy panel
Fixed crew morale panel description when debuffs are active
Ship Specialists (E.G. Tiana) will not show HP or EXP values in character info panel
Whore info panel now shows EXP bar visual alongside EXP value
Fixed 'conflicting' traits on combat crewmen
'Basic Attack' rune now hidden from deck builder library
Renamed 'Santahgo' continent to 'Fulhaven'

Fixed masculine top clothing alignment issues
Fixed earrings not fitting on felidan ears
Fixed Lurid Top not fully covering breasts
Glasses now show while wearing a cloth hood
Leggings are now properly clipped when used alongside peg leg
Fixed clipping issue with driders leg in character viewer
Adjusted paperdoll cock/balls layering and position
Added 'MonsterLegs_Mid' part and fixed cock clipping with drider NPCs
Fixed pubic hair not generating with feminine faced NPCs
Reworked how all hair styles are layered for NPCS
Fixed layering issues with bandit mask
Added Town Request board to every town
Added 'Study Rune' Request type
Towns will request thematic enemy hunts
'Deliver Items' request converted to 'Deliver Food'
Town requests now reset on game progress reset
Fixed town requests not saving/loading properly
Fixed/changed several other minor things with town requests

Fixed incorrect name-plates showing during some scenes
Fixed various other spelling and grammar issues
Made minor changes to UI in several areas of the game

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Venture Seas - Royal Summons
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