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Lucky Bastard - V2023-08-24

26-08-2023, 10:00 Games / 3DCG
Lucky Bastard - V2023-08-24 Lucky Bastard - V2023-08-24
About game: MC of the game is a businessman, luck smiles on him, he gets exclusive rights to supply goods to a closed international market. To realize this project the protagonist needs an investor. The game starts before the MC meets the investor. There are many female characters in the game with whom the MC can interact sexually...

Lost & Found - Version 0.7

26-08-2023, 08:57 Games / 3DCG
Lost & Found - Version 0.7 Lost & Found - Version 0.7
About game: The MC in this story grew up with his alcoholic father, who convinced him from a very young age that his mother had passed away in a car accident. After reaching adulthood and experiencing a breakdown of relationship, unemployment and facing homelessness, he receives a phone call that will change his life, and uncover the truth about his father.

Pale Carnations - Chapter 4 Update 3

26-08-2023, 08:39 Games / 3DCG
Pale Carnations - Chapter 4 Update 3 Pale Carnations - Chapter 4 Update 3
About game: In Pale Carnations, step into the shoes of a tightly wound pre-med student who, while intent on living on the straight and narrow, is irresistibly pulled into a world of debauchery thanks to the influence of a waning childhood friend. As the newest employee at the Carnation Club, navigate your part in a series of cruel erotic games.

Modern Luxury - Version

25-08-2023, 16:48 Games / 3D Games
Modern Luxury - Version Modern Luxury - Version
About game: Servant droids have taken all manual labor jobs that nobody wanted to take. Majority of the people took droids to their homes with open arms, some did not. Reports of droids not obeying orders started after lux headquarters were attacked. All the droids were disconnected from the network after the attack.

Mother Lovers Society - Chapter 5.1

25-08-2023, 11:23 Games / 3DCG
Mother Lovers Society - Chapter 5.1 Mother Lovers Society - Chapter 5.1
About game: Mother Lovers Society is about Michelle moving to the city of New Amsterdam with her daughter in order to start a new life together. Sexy times of course ensue.

Goodnight Kiss: Sugar and Spice - Chapter 14

25-08-2023, 09:49 Games / 3DCG
Goodnight Kiss: Sugar and Spice - Chapter 14 Goodnight Kiss: Sugar and Spice - Chapter 14
About game: Sugar and Spice is a visual novel where you play as an older man who is taking care of his best friend’s daughter, Clover, while he’s away and she’s going to university. Clover is a sweet girl who gets good grades and works hard. Her life with her father was a little hard, and he sheltered her rather a lot, but she’s starting to come into her own.

Cabin by the Lake - Version 0.24d

24-08-2023, 21:14 Games / 3DCG
Cabin by the Lake - Version 0.24d Cabin by the Lake - Version 0.24d
About game: When you were younger you were inseparable from the girls you grew up with, but as time past they moved away and you grew apart. But now you are coming to a reunion, to reconnect and see how you've all changed and grown.

Element-174 - Version 0.23c

24-08-2023, 21:00 Games / 3DCG
Element-174 - Version 0.23c Element-174 - Version 0.23c
About game: "Element-174" is an adult sci-fi visual novel with a focus on choices and how our decisions cause ripples in our story. You play the role of the main character, a man who has just been accepted into Branchfield University.

The Ring's Destiny - Version 0.2.5

24-08-2023, 17:26 Games / 3DCG
The Ring's Destiny - Version 0.2.5 The Ring's Destiny - Version 0.2.5
About game: In this game. you'll take on the role of a young man who finds himself thrust into a world of danger and intrigue. As the story begins, you'll meet our hero, guy who is suddenly asked by his teacher to engage in a duel with her. After he emerges victorious, the teacher reveals to him a shocking secret, which sets him on a path to uncover the truth about his family's past.

Captain Hardcore - Version 0.16

24-08-2023, 17:15 Games / 3DCG
Captain Hardcore - Version 0.16 Captain Hardcore - Version 0.16
About game: Board your ship and explore the darkest reaches of the universe in search of the hottest and most depraved space sluts. Bring them aboard your research vessel where you can customise their looks in your bio-metrics lab, probe and experiment on them in your high tech science chamber, or create virtual scenes using your ships Cyber-Masturbatorium — all in the name of science!

Fall:Out - Version 0.4.3

24-08-2023, 11:27 Games / 2DCG
Fall:Out - Version 0.4.3 Fall:Out - Version 0.4.3
About game: This game centers around the adventures of Nathasha in a world devastated by war, where she will face marvellous encounters, interesting stories, artful enemies, fearful dangers, loyal friends and... other different things.

Chemical Travel - Version 0.6

24-08-2023, 09:04 Games / 3DCG
Chemical Travel - Version 0.6 Chemical Travel - Version 0.6
About game: This is my first attempt in making a rpgm. You start being teleported in a fantasy world after one of the ending in Chemical Change. You simply have to rise your slut level to see more and more events.​