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Innocent Witches - Version 0.11 Alpha

Innocent Witches - Version 0.11 Alpha

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Innocent Witches - Version 0.11 Alpha
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Name: Innocent Witches
Fetishes: Parody, School setting, Fantasy, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Corruption, Voyeurism, Trainer, Sex toys, Anal sex, Vaginal sex
Version: 0.11 Alpha - Download Android version 0.10.7 from for free!
Censorship: No
Last updated: 21 April 2024
Language: English, Russian
Size: 1,88 GB 7Z 

About game

Astonishing and at the same time strange story was told to me by an old correspondent. He told me of a time when he was nothing more than a simple man who had a longing for the flesh of a young woman. But the storm into which he was thrown caused him to end up disastrous. His birth was shrouded in mystery. His aims were those of a simple man. He had grown up to be envied by all. But it is even beyond my power to live through his fate and bear it in its entirety. He will tell you a story about the students who were the turning point in his life. And many women he has met and how they have changed his destiny. We are about to venture into a magical world that hasn't seen wild debauchery since the Wizarding Guild fell. The old school of magic, which valued purity and chastity over all else. And we also hear of a young doctor who was tired of old witches and dreamed of young, innocent witches... It is time to set sail! Set sail for Hogwarts!


0. All the fixes and adjustments that were added in 0.10.7B are also present in 0.11A
1. Added a new chapter that continues the events of the prologue in Act 2
2. Added two new locations - Great Hall and Hufflepuff Common Room, which are a part of the new chapter
3. Added a new fullscreen scene with Elf-maid
4. Added an expanded fullscreen scene with Minerva which includes a new item and interactions with it based on the existing scene at the table
5. Reintegrated most of the art involved in Minerva's scene from the old plot
6. Added new music tracks for the Great Hall and Divination Classroom
7. Added a first iteration of the spellcasting mechanic for certain events
8. Added a botched cake art to Susan's Halloween event for better immersion
9. Fixed many typos, grammar mistakes and other game bugs in general based on your reports (thanks! <3)

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