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Sunwave Hotel - Version 14.12.2

22-12-2023, 13:06 Games / 2DCG
Sunwave Hotel - Version 14.12.2 Sunwave Hotel - Version 14.12.2
About game: In the game, you will be part of a mercenary duo who crash-landed on a tropical island. Employed by a crime lord of a Sci-Fi galaxy, you and your partner must get back on your feet and figure out a way to complete the job that brought you to the planet. Along the way, you’ll solve problems and meet new friends and companions to help complete your mission.

Name88's Triangle - Book 7 Alpha Build.1

20-12-2023, 14:29 Games / 3DCG
Name88's Triangle - Book 7 Alpha Build.1 Name88's Triangle - Book 7 Alpha Build.1
About game: Introducing my AVN project, retro-future styled, sci-fi story about friendship, love, devotion, choices we make and the consequences those choices are causing. Mystery, tension, humor, sexy women, with a kick-ass synthwave score - "Name88`s Triangle...

Reincarnotica - Version 0.05

17-12-2023, 09:35 Games / 3DCG
Reincarnotica - Version 0.05 Reincarnotica - Version 0.05
About game: Adult visual novel that takes place in the near future where Immersive Virtual Reality games are the norm. You take control of a middle-aged man that has nothing going on for him but due to a freak accident one day, finds himself inhabiting a body of a younger man. Not only that but he discovers that he's going to live with 2 beautiful woman and acquired a new found power unbeknownst to him...

MayFly - Version 0.1-0.2 Reset

8-12-2023, 10:53 Games / 3DCG
MayFly - Version 0.1-0.2 Reset MayFly - Version 0.1-0.2 Reset
About game: The smell of decay that permeates the city is sickening, and the sewers are filled with the city's fetid blood and rust smell. The portraits of those in high positions are displayed in the streets and alleys, but their hypocritical faces cannot whitewash the evil deeds they commit.

Star Hunt - Version 0.2

24-11-2023, 09:54 Games / 3DCG
Star Hunt - Version 0.2 Star Hunt - Version 0.2
About game: The galaxy is suffering from war. An evil mutant race has declared war on the intergalactic government and all intelligent species. Lana, an artificially bred super soldier, is sent on a mission to collect rare alien creatures in order to study them and develop biological weapons against the invaders. Save the galaxy from enslavement.

Star Rippers - Version 1.3.0a

24-11-2023, 09:44 Games / 3DCG
Star Rippers - Version 1.3.0a Star Rippers - Version 1.3.0a
About game: Join the crew of The Eclipse on their missions and journeys throughout the Universe in this Comic Book turned to a VN. 10 Years after the events of the comic book the crew is back on a new mission. See what happens as the story unfolds!​

Lily II: Masterplan - Version 0.02.1 Beta

13-11-2023, 11:08 Games / 3DCG
Lily II: Masterplan - Version 0.02.1 Beta Lily II: Masterplan - Version 0.02.1 Beta
About game: The story of Lily is continued in Lily II: Masterplan. Now Lily can no longer lean on Kharoline, she teams up with Karen Campbell to get control over InterBio and at the same time stay out of the hands of Ilja Slavic...

New Earth - Chapter 2 Final

13-11-2023, 09:59 Games / 3DCG / Completed
New Earth - Chapter 2 Final New Earth - Chapter 2 Final
About game: In 2121, interstellar travel isn't a problem anymore. A group of students won a prize to travel to Kepler-452 star system. Right before they change their route back home, they receive news that the Earth has just been destroyed by a sudden worldwide volcano activity. They have to land on Kepler-452b planet, which is proved to be habitable for human life.

Color of My Sound - Chapter 2 Final - 7

10-11-2023, 16:02 Games / 3DCG
Color of My Sound - Chapter 2 Final - 7 Color of My Sound - Chapter 2 Final - 7
About game: Color of My Sound is a Sci-Fi, Espionage, Drama, Erotic visual novel set in an original setting. It is a universe chock full of potential for character drama, conspiracies, espionage, intrigue and action. The story began when a rebellion on an unprecedented scale erupted across the Empire's worlds and humanity faces an uncertain future for the first time since the Empire's inception.

Ripples - Episode 0.6.0

8-11-2023, 13:20 Games / 3DCG
Ripples - Episode 0.6.0 Ripples - Episode 0.6.0
About game: Ripples is a sci-fi visual novel that centers around an 18 year-old in his last year of high school. He reunites with his good friend Darci and sets off to school like any other day, but as the day goes on, he learns new information about his deceased father that has him questioning the truth about his death.

Terminus Reach: Sentinel 2 - Update 40

5-11-2023, 08:45 Games / 3DCG
Terminus Reach: Sentinel 2 - Update 40 Terminus Reach: Sentinel 2 - Update 40
About game: 5 years have passed since the assault on Sentinel station, time of rebuilding, time of peace. But now new shadows looms in the horizon, and once again the Wraith has to step up and fight for his beloved.

Being Super - Version 0.19c

4-11-2023, 13:52 Games / 3DCG
Being Super - Version 0.19c Being Super - Version 0.19c
About game: You live with your roommates mom and your roommate. Your father died before you were born, you don't know how but... We'll get to that later... Much later. On the day you were born, a meteor shower struck the unassuming city of Quiettown almost killing you. Because of this, you were prescribed to take pills that tasted like hell itself would spit them back out. This story begins as your mom drives you to your final check up at the hospital.