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Battle Sisters - Version 0.5

Battle Sisters - Version 0.5

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Battle Sisters - Version 0.5
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Name: Battle Sisters
Fetishes: Female protagonist, Monster girl, Big ass, Big tits, Horror, Fantasy, Adventure, Lesbian, Oral sex, Vaginal sex
Version: 0.5
Censorship: No
Last updated: 24 March 2023
Language: English
Size: 714 MB 7Z

About game

The world of science and magic, whose rulers in search of secrets of the universe, opened the door to their world to those who had almost enslaved all nations. After hundreds of years, it is time to restore civilization, whether a sister warrior.., or a powerful monster.


Interactive monster menu
10 new organs:
Each of the organs is unique in its own way.
1) Primitive Brain: Very necessary for the completeness of the game.
Allows you to search for new organs in some species.
2) Eyes: So far only needed in one place (the event with the chase of the girl), but you can do without them.
Logic works, but doesn't create the necessary events yet.
Increases the damage from crits.
3) Layer of Grease: Turns food biomass into normal biomass.
4) Tentacles: Now needed for hunting and holding girls.
Also became more dangerous in combat.
5) Tentacle Dick: Without it, tentacles won't help you at this stage.
Helps you dump your life essence.
6) Tentacle Sphincter:
Necessary for interacting with biological objects.

The other four, so far, mostly act as additional boosters and weapons.

The organ must be set to activate!
Added a couple of new events.
Improved some events
Improved system for extracting resources from corpses (if you have brains).
The exception is the event with the remains in the swamp.
To make the game a little easier.
Six elaborate sex scenes:
A girl hunting scene in the woods:
2 options.
In the first option, you need tentacles and a cock with tentacles for the full scene.
In the second variant, you need tentacles and a tentacle sphincter.
Same algorithm in the other two variants.
Tweaked the faces a bit.
Ability to choose one of the three organs for the flower at the beginning of the game.
A quick start for the Wolfie with the ability to resolve the conflict with a kind word.
A lot of little things.

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