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Princess & Conquest - Version 0.17.17

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Princess & Conquest - Version 0.17.17
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Name: Princess & Conquest
Fetishes: Male protagonist, Animated, Fantasy, Adventure, Furry, Monster girl, Oral sex, Titfuck, Handjob, Creampie, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Big tits, Gay
Version: 0.17.17
Censorship: No
Last updated: 28 October 2021
Language: English
Size: 1,22 GB 7Z

About game

Princess & Conquest is a hybrid RPG game where you, the Knight, will have to decide the fortunes of a Kingdom, plunged into chaos after a certain "incident"! The sudden disappearance of a powerful dragon is the spring for a series of events that have brought chaos to the Kingdom!


Additions and changes:

* The new Spookfest events are ready!

* Eldritch Princess added

* Eldritch Princess Achievement added

* New costume added! "Beaming Bride" for Eldritch Princess

* New costume added! "Deep Creature" for Moss Princess

* New costume added! "Final Plea" for Crusader Princess

* New costume added! "Cucco Knight" for Amelie

* New costume added! "Cow Bones" for Holstaur Princess and Progeny

* New costume added! "Kazak Cow" for Holstaur Princess and Progeny

* New costume added! "BDSMilk" for Holstaur Princess and Progeny

* Golem Princess SUCC NSFW animation #1 added

* Holstaur Princess NSFW animation #2 added

* Bird Princess NSFW animation #1 added

* 404B NSFW animation #1 added

* Holstaur NPCs NSFW animation #1 added (Big Boobs v.)

* Holstaur NPCs NSFW animation #1 added (Small Boobs v.)

* Holstaur NPCs NSFW animation #1 added (Futa v.)

* Faun Princess NSFW animation #2 added

* "Room Service" repeatable NSFW scene added

* Reworked "Milky Way" quest in her Milk Bar. You get to actually milk her~

* Completely reworked Golem Princess throne events and dialogues

* "Living Under A Rock" quest now gives 0 Swirlies as reward

* "The Key To Her Heart" quest now gives 5000 Swirlies as reward

* "The Key To Her Heart" completion makes the golems' power skyrocket and their diplomacy plummet

* Drider Princess now behaves correctly during her fight (pure ranged webslinger)

* Desert Progeny now has 8 new haircuts and an additional hair colour that can be obtained in the moths' "Papillon Rose" salon

* Goblin Progeny now has 5 new haircuts and an additional hair colour that can be obtained in the moths' "Papillon Rose" salon

* Reduced the time ranged units stay blocked and unable to move before jumping away

* Added dialogues for Sonnet "Faerie Tales" book, regarding the 2 Ghost Princess endings

* Skull-headed Skeleton Progeny now have their dedicated sprites

* No climate change is possible in the Kingdom Above: clear skies every day

* Complete rework of how the climate changes/overworld events/special events in the world map get processed

* Cheat added! Party Kingdom (Chillbite Blessing, Spookfest, Bloomgaze Festival, Tea Parties, going on all the time!)

* Power Gloves weapon type added

* Increased daily NPC appearance chance

* Added Patron NPC: Momo, the runaway moth!

* Added Patron NPC: Gadget, the love researcher!

* Added Patron NPC: Bonella, the mourning merchant!

* New mechanic: STAMP! Use Bird Princess' stamps to punish warring Reigns and to help maintain the peace in the Kingdom!

* New mechanic: Keepers of Peace! Birds will now act (passively) as the Queen's vassals, investing their Wealth to interfere with wars around the Kingdom under their roost

* New Knights INC. quest: "STAMPing the Competition"

* New Food item added: Avocloudo

* New Food item added: Dragon Breath

* Bird Progeny can now spawn in every meeting spot of the Kingdom

* THICC Bird Progeny is now obtainable

* Talon Guard sprites added (they're also ready to fight, Birdies battles will be added very soon)

* Added portraits for Innkeeper Chicha

* Added a signpost illustration outside the Pullet Inn

* Added new Progeny portraits for Desert units guarding the Princess' Palace

* Added new sprites for Chicha, Desert units and Drusy

* Holstaur Progeny added!

* Reworked many events in the Maiden Dairies

* THICC body type for Holstaur Progeny added

* Mermaid Princess Affinity / Relationship / Pregnancy / Fertility are now affected by Cheats too

* Bird Princess Affinity / Relationship are now affected by Cheats too

* Failed "Milking" quest in Holstaur Milk Bar can now be repeated the same night if failed

* Changed the starting slave races % (5% FairyLamiaMermaid, 20% DogDriderHolstaur, 25% Kobold)

* "See Man's Collection" quest reworked. You can now enter the Wolf Cave right at the beginning of the game

* Random NPCs around the Kingdom now will stick for more than one day, on certain %s

* Shorty Special now giving a special Status to the Knight, so you know when it's active


* Old saves (prior to June 2020) are now working

* Way fewer conflicts between world map events/autosaves/new day events

* Autosaves freezing the game / causing black screens when loaded in one of the World Maps

* Transferring in the world map close to midnight causing various issues

* MPs are now shown in the Menu

* Reduced system's workload during fights

* Mermaid and Finhead Reign being normally visitable once fallen, which led to many issues like showing them forever sieged, leading to unwinnable battles...

* Civil Ship (Hammerhead Port <.-> Mermaid Tail) possibly stationing on both locations at once

* The door in the Slums mentioning Ghost Princess even outside her Route

* Rose Buddies not being fightable in the Southern Region (if you didn't possess the "Pruning" quest)

* Autosave not waiting for events to stop running before starting

* Golem KING plush doll not being in her room when she's recharging

* Not being able to move if a map transfer happens while one of the overworld animations (war being declared, dragon appearance...) plays

* Rabbit ear covers for their Chillbite costume "Furry Resort" appearing under the ear instead of over it

* Bird glasses being sometimes placed under the beak instead of over it

* Many Patron NPCs not retaining their former name as the first choice when named after being recruited

* Momo (Patron NPC) adult animation looping forever

* Required Affinity with the Queen not being shown at her Castle's entrance

* Harvest / Rabbit and Finhead / Mermaid adult stats mixing up

* Fixes placing of some overworld troops

* Skeleton > Goblin sieges not working as intended

* Mermaid 10 Affinity/5 Relationship not triggering the Achievements

* Player possibility bugs after Bird Princess' scenes

* Missing Gravelord (skeleton Progeny) sprites

* Merchant Princess counter interactable in the Pullet Inn even when she's not in Bird Princess' Reign

* Crashes while navigating the Kingdom's map by Bird Princess' counter

* Mermaid wars (incorrectly) being shown in the Kingdom's map by Bird Princess' counter

* Sneaking in Bird's roost at night is now (as intended) not working

* Wrong overlay in the higher part of the Birdcage

* Ghost Princess now requires 2?? instead of 3?? to accept sex while sneaking in

* Accepting Ghost Princess' Ashes now also rewards +1??

* Item popups are now disabled while opening a Mystery Box

* Achievement calls / daily events inflicting with each other and causing the game to possibly freeze

* Black screen during tutorials in Kobold Mines

* Lighting Rapier animation changed

* Harvest / Rabbit and Finhead / Mermaid adult stats getting mixed up

* Floral Tea not giving Poison Res.

* The Campfire is not accessible anymore during the new day's calculations

* The Status Menu is not accessible anymore during the new day's calculations

* World Map events being loaded every time the Player leaves the menu (making the LevelUp menu unusable)

* Dokuro and Wendigo Princess possibly lowering the Kingdom's Life Force below 0

* Fixed fertility rates for Human, Desert, and Harvest Princess

* Fixed Silver Spoon description not fitting the frame

* Fixed the game freezing in Slime's Throne during the panties delivery quest and other events

* Fixed Harvest Princess' guards not checking correctly the Affinity with their Reign to decide whether let the Knight in or not

* Fixed Knight dying in Ghost Princess' "inner world" not causing a game over

* Fixed Conqueror Crown freezing the game after a field/siege battle

* Fixed Mouse Princess SEs during animations

* Fixed some timing errors with Mouse Princess animations

* Fixed Mermaid sisters' scene happening even after their Reign has fallen

* Fixed Harvest Princess not regarding their troubles as solved if you carry a Cardinal Bell from your last playthrough

* Added missing (single) Desert Progeny body asset

* Fixed "Hopping" the broken pillar in Diamond Seashell getting the player stuck

* Fixed Amelie in Rabbit Princess Garderie being rarely compatible with a male Human Progeny

* Fixed wars being declared on notawakened Ghost or notsurfaced Insect

* Fixed some missing dialogues in the latest meeting spots (Bloomfest, Birdcage, Mermaid Reign...)

* Fixed Fiika missing assets (no spoiler here) if pregnant when you reach her ending

* Fixed "Because it's Rabbit Season" quest completion teleporting inside Rabbit Princess building, even at night

* Ice Goopy monsters in the Cryotunnel by Dragon Princess II castle now correctly respawn

* Fixed some NPCs not being correctly prepared at the beginning of the game

* Fixed Jackalope guard being a Dog Progeny instead

* Fixed Wyvern Princess' ending having a wrong amount of boss monsters

* Fixed Mouse Courtesan visit breaking Tea Parties

* Fixed Holstaur NPCs animation endless loop when played in their Dairies

* Wendigo/Mimic/Crystal Princess now are recruited equipping the Princess Crown item, as intended

* Hequet Idol (Frog Princess' quest) doesn't enter the MYSTERY BOX anymore to be carried to NG+

* Changed Dragon Progeny "prey" expression

* Added back missing NyaNya doll icon in the item menu

* Fixed Holstaur Bull standard costume

* "No Conquest" day counter now also progresses when sleeping in Inns

* Fixed failing to sneak in Finhead / Mermaid causing the time to skip 2 hours forward, without triggering "New Day" calculations if going past midnight

* Crystal Princess not actually resisting Hot/Cold/Poisonouns environments

* Fixed Cat Princess now leaving SUCC form after certain events in her Route

* Various bugs and typos

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Princess & Conquest - Version 0.17.17
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