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Delta Zone - Version 19.0

Delta Zone - Version 19.0

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Delta Zone - Version 19.0
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Name: Delta Zone
Fetishes: Female protagonist, Sci-Fi, Animated, Adventure, Big tits, Masturbation, Oral sex, Vaginal sex
Version: 19.0 + Crack
Censorship: No
Last updated: 9 May 2024
Language: English
Size: 11,5 GB 7Z 

About game

DELTA ZONE is a completely NSFW-UNCENSORED cyberpunk-themed FPS game with high-quality graphics, deep gameplay, and explicit animations. Your play as Ivy, and you have to survive in Delta Zone, an area infested by monsters, occupied by rogue raiders, and other dangers. You will be able to build weapons, modify yourself with cyberware, loot, craft trade work at a strip club, and modify Ivy's face.

UserID codes Release 15.1: nsfw 


two new sets of x-animation for human in progress (one giveup, one h-attack)
added new green color of tentacles (they lay eggs directly)
tentacles have different behavior, don't attack immediately (if Ivy walks slowly and doesn't shoot)
based on Ivy clothes amount, tentacles during struggle either bite or damage clothes
tetacles now can slither on surface of water/mud when non-aggressive
better boobs bounce on running ivy anim (animation improved/fixed)
added ass bounce to running anim

third person view combat mode cheat (experimental)
fixed game crash when disassembling gun inside box
more progress on city streets map
scope reticles were precisely realigned
better scrap reticle (smaller and more round)
composite flashlight with blue mode now shines further and has better crosshair
ai has better senses in free roaming behavior, can see further, if player is stationary far away, ai senses reduction is a bit lower
removed autoheal on hard difficulty and on death player doesn't heal automatically, and max health is only 0.3
non-deadly damage if health is higher than 30% only works for sniper ammo 338LM and is moved to higher than 50%
chairs near stray have proper material instead of black one
Infinite Stash Size cheat
player stash size increased to 100 from 70
higher adaptive combat difficulty gives enemies a bit less medkits
new 7.62 sounds, similar to 5.56 previous changes
enemy ai has cheap 5.56 sound if gun is crap or legacy
better ammo shells sounds falling on the ground (before they sounded plasticky)
random spawn enemies spawn in reachable points by ai, spawn further and roam points radius is further from player
added a bit of sharpening even without painkillers
desaturation gradient softer when health is low
added cheat for third person camera combat (camera zooms into gun aiming)
billboard and commercial wallpapers/holograms for city streets map
added new green color of tentacles
new mud surface where tentacles can also roam
fixed big jump in city outskirts in the hills where it was too hard to get enough speed to make it
added new bike routes and jumps to city outskirts to make traveling more seamless
emission areas have fog again
structural flashlight (red mode) repels tentacles
on death Ivy is given basic supplies like medkit, surgical tools, battery, tissues, painkillers etc...
reduced black-white effect on low health
eggs look better from distance (fixed refraction error)
enemy ai now can rush player (higher chance to start rushing if aggressive stat is high and panic is zero)
fixed issue when AI sometimes hit player through concrete walls during blind fire
AI doesn't try to blindfire through walls (before they did one burst of shots to test if there was wall and stopped after)
fixed issue when gun in modding menu shaked a bit
fixed issue when player got unstucked into rock formation in city outskirts (and ai got spawned into them too)
added barefoot footsteps sound on concrete surfaces

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