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University King - Release 3.5 Bugfix

27-03-2024, 21:04 Games / 3DCG
University King - Release 3.5 Bugfix University King - Release 3.5 Bugfix
About game: Being the "king" of the university really has its perks. Might as well bang a couple of hot chicks while attending classes...

Tales of Terrara - Version 0.3.7 Prepatched

27-03-2024, 17:57 Games / 3DCG
Tales of Terrara - Version 0.3.7 Prepatched Tales of Terrara - Version 0.3.7 Prepatched
About game: Tales of Terrara will be divided in "Adventures". Every adventure will be a somewhat closed story with beginning and end, with a greater, overarching story arc going on that will link the Adventures. First adventure is called "Ascension". The game is set on a high fantasy setting, with multiple civilized (maybe not so much) races (goblins, orcs, elves), monsters (demons, giants, beasts) and magic (transformation, scrying, enchanting).

Family Vacation - Chapter 5-6

27-03-2024, 12:51 Games / 3DCG
Family Vacation - Chapter 5-6 Family Vacation - Chapter 5-6
About game: Follow the protagonist, as he navigates the complexities of life, relationships, and unexpected adventures with his diverse and dynamic family. Dive deep into a captivating storyline filled with twists, turns, and tantalizing secrets as you uncover the true essence of family bonds. With stunning visuals, engaging characters, and unforgettable moments, "Family Vacation" offers a unique and compelling gaming experience that will leave you craving more.

Club Detention - Version 0.0672

27-03-2024, 12:39 Games / 3DCG
Club Detention - Version 0.0672 Club Detention - Version 0.0672
About game: As a former disgraced teacher, you are given one last chance to enter the world of academia. You are to teach the hopelessly ignorant young women from ultra-rich families.

Family Faring - Episode 3

27-03-2024, 08:23 Games / 3DCG
Family Faring - Episode 3 Family Faring - Episode 3
About game: Being a father of two, and recently being allowed to see your girls again, it's your quest to prove yourself as a father. In this Visual Novel, you will have to navigate through good and evil, innocent and corrupt as the relationship with the daughters evolves. Along this journey, you will encounter a plentitude of gorgeous women.​

Straitened Times - Version 0.48.1

26-03-2024, 20:16 Games / 3DCG
Straitened Times - Version 0.48.1 Straitened Times - Version 0.48.1
About game: It's a game about a young guy living together with a small Commune of Mother superior, holy Father and two novice Sisters (none blood related ;)). One day his happy life was over when Father was arrested for financial thievery and your Commune has to start once over from the bottom. And the bottom is 2 rooms in a shady motel - the only place they could afford.

Anika Rey's Stories - Version 2.0

26-03-2024, 17:45 Games / 3DCG
Anika Rey's Stories - Version 2.0 Anika Rey's Stories - Version 2.0
About game: This is series of visual mystical adult novels, combined into one world. In this world everything may not be what it seems at first glance, and chance meetings are sometimes not accidental. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Trouble at Home - Episode 3 - Version 1.0 Bonus

26-03-2024, 16:07 Games / 3DCG
Trouble at Home - Episode 3 - Version 1.0 Bonus Trouble at Home - Episode 3 - Version 1.0 Bonus
About game: Graduation and summer vacation are around the corner, and you're set to make the most of it before heading off to college. At least that was the plan until one kind act has ironically toppled the first domino of your perfect life. Well... almost perfect life.

A Day at the Spa - Version 0.8

26-03-2024, 09:02 Games / 3DCG
A Day at the Spa - Version 0.8 A Day at the Spa - Version 0.8
About game: You'll be in the shoes of an esteemed professor intent on taking his class of female students on a one-day vacation to the thermal baths. What could possibly go wrong?​

Pineapple Express - Version 0.95

25-03-2024, 08:48 Games / 3DCG
Pineapple Express - Version 0.95 Pineapple Express - Version 0.95
About game: When a friend finds themselves in a difficult situation and asks for help, MC without hesitation lends him his support. But what if this help could impact his relationship with beloved? He has only one small opportunity to control the situation and avoid awkwardness, by using the codeword "Pineapple Express."

Noemi's Toscana Rebirth - Version 0.22

25-03-2024, 08:43 Games / 3DCG
Noemi's Toscana Rebirth - Version 0.22 Noemi's Toscana Rebirth - Version 0.22
About game: Our heroine Noemi (call her Noe, everyone else does) is the only child of an Italian (Florentine) immigrant to the USA, who is also a self made entrepreneur and chef. She runs her own restaurant in a small neighbourhood in suburban Philadelphia with her fiancé Brad and her long-term waitresses, who are like sisters to her.

Park After Dark - Version 0.22b

25-03-2024, 08:27 Games / 2DCG
Park After Dark - Version 0.22b Park After Dark - Version 0.22b
About game: When you are granted a magic pen with the ability to rewrite reality, you immediately begin creating your very own theme park...and filling it with sexy princesses! Manage your time between visiting the girls and growing your park! Each game update adds new girls, outfits, attractions, upgrades, and of course new scenes!