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Starship Inanna - Episode 9.2

Starship Inanna - Episode 9.2

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Starship Inanna - Episode 9.2
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Name: Starship Inanna
Fetishes: Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Animated, Dating sim, Gay, Lesbian, Handjob, Interracial, Oral sex, Romance, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Group sex, Monster girl
Version: Episode 9.2
Censorship: No
Last updated: 27 February 2022
Language: English
Size: 938 MB 7Z 

About game

Starship Inanna is a visual novel game being developed by The Mad Doctors in the Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine. At it's core it is a Choose Your Own Adventure style story set in a sci-fi universe akin to Star Trek or Mass Effect. You take on the role of a Commander of the Titan Empire, who has just been assigned as second in command under Captain Alexandra Zal. The crew of the ship is comprised of select races of the Empire which the player will be able to interact with and have relationships with (that means plenty of sex). As Commander you will be sent on missions to different planets where you will encounter new cultures and civilizations. You will run across slavers, enemy races, omnipotent beings, and more.


-Fixed save file info for one save in Episode 9 Hegemony including [PCFirstName] [PCLastName] in the actual displayed text
-Fixed PC telling the Captain that Chole calls them ‘babe’ or ‘baby’ in Episode 2 interrogation when the PC shut that down in Episode 1.
-Fixed about 100 typos and misspellings in Episode 8 and 9
-Fixed Jane/Armin sex scene leading directly to the meeting next morning, and not the ‘wakeup’ scene with your servant.
-Fixed 2 images of Nikka having clipping
-Added the remaining music for Episode 9
-Added one line of dialog to Ziya in Episode 5

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Starship Inanna - Episode 9.2
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