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Dating Amy: Part 1

3-02-2023, 16:09 Games / 3DCG / Completed
Dating Amy: Part 1 Dating Amy: Part 1
About game: Play as Travis and pop Amy’s cherry or fail miserably at it while chasing her sister. Amy is a sweet, naive 21 years old exchange student from Japan attending classes at Travis college. She never really thought about guys until you showed up in her life. You have multiple choices and possible dates. Try your best, but fail; someone else may take her from you.

Horton Bay Stories - Jake - Version

3-02-2023, 12:03 Games / 3DCG
Horton Bay Stories - Jake - Version Horton Bay Stories - Jake - Version
About game: Welcome to our first game set in the town of Horton Bay! Our main character, Jake (or nickname of your choosing) Rogers, finds himself at the end of his final school year and ready to head off to his local university along with his long term girlfriend and best mate. That is until everything gets turned on it's head and forces him to change his plans!

Lust Element - Version 0.3.1d

3-02-2023, 00:42 Games / 3DCG
Lust Element - Version 0.3.1d Lust Element - Version 0.3.1d
About game: Welcome to the future! In this sci-fi Visual Novel, you'll take the role of the young and ambitious captain of an independent spaceship. You hire a crew to finish a small mining mission, but what seems to be a small mundane job drags you into the middle of the grand conspiracy...

A Home In The Desert - Version 0.2b

3-02-2023, 00:06 Games / 3DCG
A Home In The Desert - Version 0.2b A Home In The Desert - Version 0.2b
About game: The story takes place into a family, successful in the entertainment industry, that has to face some unfortunate events, which will lead them to lose their wealth and renown, leaving them with nothing but their blood ties and the will to get back on their feet.​

Extra Credit - Version 0.5b

2-02-2023, 21:56 Games / 3DCG
Extra Credit - Version 0.5b Extra Credit - Version 0.5b
About game: A man trying to raise his adopted daughter who just happens to be a clone, and they live with a demon and her little half-sister.

DeadMoon Survival - Version 0.5

2-02-2023, 10:39 Games / 3DCG
DeadMoon Survival - Version 0.5 DeadMoon Survival - Version 0.5
About game: DeadMoon Survival is a choice-based visual novel, where some choices can change the dialogues, scenes, and can lead to pleasant event, or to some who are less… happy. Yes, this is a game which is meant to be quite dark, and in a certain sense realistic. I want to make a scary world, where you meet the danger in every corner, where you need to think fast. Indeed, sometimes certain choices have a time limit, and there is no turning back!

Curvy Moments - Version 0.5c

2-02-2023, 10:05 Games / 3DCG
Curvy Moments - Version 0.5c Curvy Moments - Version 0.5c
About game: You play as a Fashion Designer who works at famous company while he lives in a suburban town away from his family. He starts to make his own business with the help of his neighbour’s wife and he became close to his dream.

Stranded in Space - Days 1-16

2-02-2023, 01:31 Games / 3DCG
Stranded in Space - Days 1-16 Stranded in Space - Days 1-16
About game: You wake up on a spaceship filled only with women travelling to another planet, unaware of how you got there. You must navigate your days aboard the Endurance, making key decisions about your relationships with your shipmates, while trying to figure out the larger mysteries at play involving your reason for being on the ship, and why its destination to the sanctuary planet of Elysium isn't going according to plan. You are Stranded in Space!

Divimera - R8

2-02-2023, 00:20 Games / 2DCG
Divimera - R8 Divimera - R8
About game: When a sudden storm wrecks your ship, the only survivors are you, your sister and her nanny. The three of you are washed ashore on an uncharted island, but only two of you are rescued, taken in by an undocumented British colony. Now your sister is missing...

Shattered Minds - Version 0.01

1-02-2023, 18:18 Games / 3DCG
Shattered Minds - Version 0.01 Shattered Minds - Version 0.01
About game: Shattered Minds is an open-world game, in which you take control over the life of a college student. Your normal life is thrown out of whack after you realize you have the power to control the minds of others.

Alexandra - Version 1.0 Completed

1-02-2023, 16:59 Games / 3DCG / Completed
Alexandra - Version 1.0 Completed Alexandra - Version 1.0 Completed
About game: In this game you find yourself as a troubled and tormented guy trying to run away from your own problems and adversities. Through twists of fate and some hair-raising moments, you find yourself in the company of Alexandra. The Daughter of an organized crime family. She herself is not a part of the family business but you instantly take a liking to her.

After That Night - Chapter 1

1-02-2023, 11:58 Games / 3DCG
After That Night - Chapter 1 After That Night - Chapter 1
About game: That one particular night was life-changing, not just for you, but for the people you know. For some unknown reason, someone killed your parents in cold blood. After that, everything went downhill. Join him on his adventure to uncover the truth about his parents' deaths and seek justice for them. The road is long and rough.