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Lust Academy - Season 3 - Version 3.4.1d

22-11-2023, 15:24 Games / 3DCG
Lust Academy - Season 3 - Version 3.4.1d Lust Academy - Season 3 - Version 3.4.1d
About game: You play as a normal 18 y.o. the guy who’s life is about to change forever! You’ll find out about the whole world full of magic and adventure that awaits you at Cordale - the oldest academy of magic and wizardry in the New World.

Under The Moonlight - Version 0.1

22-11-2023, 14:48 Games / 3DCG
Under The Moonlight - Version 0.1 Under The Moonlight - Version 0.1
About game: At times the universe does seem to have singled you out for unique abuse. In these moments, you gotta ask yourself: Would I rather be ignored? The world is either crazy or you are. They’re both solid options. Take your pick, and when you decide, come and tell me. But don’t rush into it. Take your time. Difficult decision.

With Eyes Closed - Chapter 3

22-11-2023, 14:30 Games / 3DCG
With Eyes Closed - Chapter 3 With Eyes Closed - Chapter 3
About game: You came to consciousness in the trunk of a car. You don't remember who you are and how you got there. Your hands are cuffed, and two dead bodies are lying around. But very soon you will learn that this is not the biggest of your problems. Will you make it out alive? Will you find out who kidnapped you and why?

XXX Boss - Version 0.1.0

22-11-2023, 09:52 Games / 3DCG
XXX Boss - Version 0.1.0 XXX Boss - Version 0.1.0
About game: XXX Boss is an adult visual novel about you the new manager of a online lingerie retailer. Manage the office and make sure you meet required profit margins while getting to know your staff.​

Timeless Vendetta - Version 0.2.0

22-11-2023, 09:29 Games / 3DCG
Timeless Vendetta - Version 0.2.0 Timeless Vendetta - Version 0.2.0
About game: Gifted a second lease on life and extraordinary powers by a benevolent goddess(?), you face a crucial choice: embrace the opportunity to transform your existence positively, or succumb to the allure of vengeance and be consumed by its darkness. Navigate this visual novel as you explore the depths of your newfound abilities and grapple with the moral dilemmas that come with them...

Evermore - Version 0.5.1

22-11-2023, 09:12 Games / 3DCG
Evermore - Version 0.5.1 Evermore - Version 0.5.1
About game: At the age of 4 years old, your parents were murdered in your childhood home. The years that would follow only got worse, every family you lived with died in a mysterious tragedy. Slowly but surely rumors spread and you started to be known in the community as the cursed child.

Dragon Orbs - Version 0.x

22-11-2023, 08:59 Games / 3DCG
Dragon Orbs - Version 0.x Dragon Orbs - Version 0.x
About game: After a freak accident, Konon realizes that participation in the martial artist Tournament which he always wanted is in danger. To return to normal, he must embark on a quest to collect seven magical orbs scattered throughout the land. With the help of a wise Master, Konon fights and uses his newly achieved abilities in search of the orbs.

Chasing Sunsets - Version 0.9

22-11-2023, 08:33 Games / 3DCG
Chasing Sunsets - Version 0.9 Chasing Sunsets - Version 0.9
About game: The story about estranged step-siblings in a blended family reconnecting following the untimely deaths of their parents.

Goblin Layer - Version 0.44.8

21-11-2023, 21:56 Games / 3DCG
Goblin Layer - Version 0.44.8 Goblin Layer - Version 0.44.8
About game: A man on a mission to wipe out every goblin nest (and with a serious goblin fetish) arrives in a frontier town... where all the men have all mysteriously gone missing, and all the women are becoming increasingly horny. Will he ever be able to form normal human relationships with the thirsty townswomen, or will he lose himself to thicc goblin girls?

The Lewd Knight - Version 0.9.19

21-11-2023, 21:41 Games / 2DCG
The Lewd Knight - Version 0.9.19 The Lewd Knight - Version 0.9.19
About game: One girl in a big city. There are enormous difficulties on her way, but she has big heart and big... You will have to help her achieve her main dream, clean her hometown of crime.

Ashley the Pirate - Version

21-11-2023, 16:48 Games / 2DCG
Ashley the Pirate - Version Ashley the Pirate - Version
About game: This game has a pirate theme, and the plot is about a princess who ends up suffering a "shipwreck" and ends up in a village, she is in search of her father, and will do anything to find him, even become a pirate!​

Mad Adventure - Version 0.7

21-11-2023, 16:33 Games / 3DCG
Mad Adventure - Version 0.7 Mad Adventure - Version 0.7
About game: My name is MC, recently i moved out of my parents house into an apartment near my university. Everything was going great on my life, until.. I went to visit my parents one day, and they're weren't there. My parents, suddenly they disappeared, out of nowhere... I tried calling them, but the phone was out of reach.